Find out why we tell tales through wedding films, music videos, commercials and documentaries in a cinematic, visually striking and unique way, at an affordable price.

Affordable filmmaker based in London.

Dylan Drake

Ever since I first picked up that film camera as a teenager I’ve struggled to put it back down. I tried working within the advertising industry as a creative art director and although I learnt a lot I found it hard being away from filming. So I quit. I want to tell stories, your stories. I have invested all my life’s savings in the most advanced camera technology, allowing me to tell those tales in the most unique and visually striking way and without any limitations. I write, shoot and edit everything myself and I want to bring your next commercial, wedding or music video to life.

Affordable filmmaking in London.


My main camera is the RED Raven 4.5K, this is the standard camera used in major Hollywood movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, House of Cards and Gone Girl. I shoot with this cinema camera to give you the highest quality 4K film. I record sound with one of the best microphones, the RØDE NTG4+ shotgun mic. My main lens is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8, with its wide aperture it captures the cinematic look as well as being able to shoot in low light. I also rent a drone to have some stunning aerial shots. I carry all my gear in a Pelican case, allowing me to bring my equipment anywhere.

Affordable filmmaking in London.


I don’t do packages like everyone else. I have just one price. I charge £1000 per film plus any additional expenses - transport, accommodation, actors, etc. The reason I have only one price is because I don’t believe I should be spending less time or use worse equipment on a film solely because you paid less. I use the best equipment every time. I make sure the creative is original and exciting. I film until I have the right footage and will edit until both you and I are happy. I always make every film as good as I possibly can because I am passionate and will not compromise based on budget.